Getting called Herr (hair) Darkwater is a lot to get used to lol

Frens. We signed a lease on a place! Near the Hauptbahnhof! As long as it doesn't get lost in the mail we will have keys by June 1! 😱πŸ₯ΉπŸ˜­πŸ₯°

Worked up the spoon to make my hair the right color which will hopefully help my brain be less askew

JFC the exhaustion and bone level fatigue today is not okay. Finally got the aches to stop (yay plants) but damn.

wtf. Can't tell if it's adrenaline crash from the emotional toll house searching has taken, or if it's like adapting to sudden weather changes & allergies crash, if it's just a fibro flare, or if I'm getting the plague.

I haven't gone anywhere indoors unmasked tho. So it's probably everything BUT the plague 🀞

It's a weird feeling to feel like..........I just *can't* go back to the US.

I really want to go visit friends but like, thinking about if shit doesn't work out in Germany...I can't go back to the states. I couldn't afford to live in CA again. Shit is only going to get worse.
it's a weird fucked up version of feeling homesick. it's grief, I think.

sucks that the only place I can find jeans close to my size (28x30, but 28x29 is what I truly need) is amazon tho. Uniqlo didn't have any in stock. I want to go to a thrift shop for pants but lol everyone here is tall. I'm SOL

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Finally bought myself another pair of jeans from amazon. Let's see if they get put in my mailbox or delivered to a neighbor tomorrow :P

contrary to popular belief, the term "x-ray" actually refers to a high-tech tool used by trans agents to make children nonbinary

Please welcome @suldrew to the gayberhood here on towns dot gay!!

sucks that my raynaud's is triggered by stress bc it's so nice and warm out and yet my fingers hurt bc they're so cold.

Any Berliners have leads on a 3-4zimmer apt for me and @tdfischer and our Katzen? πŸ™

have to be out of the apt by 8:15 tomorrow to see an apartment at 9 and I have spent all day dreading it

I really DON'T need the full body tension and anxiety attack rn. It's just a showing.

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