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eventually I'll be able to actually enjoy Berlin maybe, I just......need to be permanently housed.

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Anyway I sent followup docs to the place that reached back out last night at 6 and I'm just sitting here in anxiety hoping I didn't fuck up waiting until I have to leave for the next showing bc I can't focus on anything else apparently.

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Two days ago was the first time I interacted with someone from the relocation agency, after months of nothing. so.

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A new phone would be nice I guess. My pixel 3a is about to be too old to support soon anyway.

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Love to wake up to google fi telling me I have 30 days to get back to the US to keep using their service and keep my US number or switch providers lol

Also realizing that I'm super stressed out about it because I thought we were going to have more help from relocation but since the work is 90% on me I feel like if we *don't* get a place, it's because I have somehow fucked up somewhere in the process.

Even though I know that's not really how it works and there are lots of factors. It feels personal.

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finding housing here really is a full time job. I should be getting paid for this

Today in ADHD. I've attempted to make coffee three times but keep getting pulled back to my computer to either work on housing shit, or work on the work shit I couldn't think about yesterday bc I was too consumed with rage, only to remember I need coffee.

menchies on hellsite have reached the christofascists who thought it would be effective to appeal to me to come back by saying I didn't have what it takes. I give it until I wake up tomorrow for the TERFs to hit lolsob.

I just want to do literally anything else than stress about finding a place to live and have nightmares constantly.

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I just want to be done with the moving part of this move

Please give a warm welcome to the newest members of the gayberhood, @enf and @alexxx !

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