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Through Isleton, Galt, and back to the Bay via Stockton.

The Delta was beautiful, and the Central Valley was very, very hot...

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update: ow

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going to the sac delta tomorrow to meet the sun

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going to the sac delta tomorrow to meet the sun

i am a fern k hahn truther

i think fern k hahn is alive and well

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You know American cities often use light rail to fill the roles of both regional rail and rapid transit, usually not excelling at either role? Well here at RTR we dare to ask: what if light rail tried to do even more?

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After being in Munich for a week, I'm now a firm believer that regional rail is the next truly transformative transport mode for cities, even more so than the highway or metro: 1/ twitter.com/EnglishRail/status

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take: most ac transit transbay lines should become bart feeders at macarthur, west oakland, lake merritt and twelfth street. there is no reason to duplicate bart service for higher cost at lower speed and capacity. ac transit and bart should work together to integrate fares

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@idothethinking@twitter.com and i talked directly to @rideact@twitter.com planners. we made a good case for an ashby line connecting caldecott lane to emeryville station, running 30-minute headways with 3 busses. they've failed to restore any service to ashby, instead adding service to existing lines

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this isn't just about bringing service to a relatively populous pocket of the hills – ashby avenue is itself a vital corridor that was continuously served for decades before 2020. ridership will only increase as south west berkeley densifies, people make more crosstown trips, etc

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