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The group chat is just trashing context-blind rail-romanticism. 🔥

turning off twitter-mastodon crossposting for now in order to make my usage of mastodon more intentional or whatever
like i just forget this account exists because twitter feeds it automatically

helps that i moved three time zones east but now i have followers from this timezone so i can't just assume you're all three hours back

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why can't all my followers be awake at the same times i'm awake waaa let me post at night

ofc densifying our cities is to be encouraged but
1. transit ridership doesn't depend solely on good urban form/density
2. most people making this point aren't even thinking this far into it

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always lol at "america too big/spread out for transit" as if transit isn't mostly something of local and regional scale

august has gone above and beyond again with this transit proposal for edmonton – a smarter, if more ambitious, alternative to the city's current expansion plans

see details like routing rationale and travel time calculations:

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here it is! my proposal for rapid transit in edmonton, to be built out by 2050 - primarily served by a 3-line 86 km light metro system, plus BRT, urban LRT, and suburban rail. alignments+modes are based on ridership demand, existing infra, and density../1

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line 3 should stay, closing a whole rapid transit line is nothing short of fucking insane

st louis just needs to run more bus and train service and use its existing line as a frequent spine for busses to feed

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other times i think about how he grew up in cambridge MA near the copley square theatre

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sometimes i think about the fact that sam reich is robert reich's son

at least we can all agree that 432 park av is ugly as hell

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north york centre is an amazing place to be, with all the little storefronts that you'd find in an old urban neighbourhood, and is mainly soured by the sheer width of yonge street

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like it's genuinely perplexing to me when people speak of the glass towers as eyesores. on occasion they'll pay no mind to the streetscape and make it a non-place, i guess, but plenty of 5-over-1 also leave something to be desired in that department

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i'm just going to say it: i think the average glass condo tower is prettier than the average 5-over-1 or "new urbanist" rowhouse

this is purely an aesthetic assessment disconnected from my actual criticisms of the missing middle school of thought

oh god i should probably go to sleep

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Buenos Dias! I'm Eric of SEPTA’s Social Media team ready to assist you. We'll be here until 7pm today. Feel free to tweet us! ^EN

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