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Getting OMNI and thoughtful service and fare integration on the subway + all MTA railroads + PATH + NJ Transit is simultaneously the highest and lowest hanging fruit in NYC transportation reform.

Imagine them all on a single map, even! twitter.com/transitcenter/stat

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Of NYC’s 51 council districts, the 10 with the highest percent of households living below the poverty line:

📈 15% higher traffic injury rates
📉 26% fewer bike parking spaces
📉 58% fewer streets with protected bike lanes

We need to end the inequities in our public space.

this is hot

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You asked (a lot), and now it’s finally here. Schedule your Twitter threads in Buffer. buffer.com/twitter

P.S. It’s free

Great news for…climate goals?? 🧐

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The Kew Gardens Interchange project is complete!

The overhaul of this corridor is great news for nearly 600,000 daily motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, & our ambitious climate goals.

When it comes to modernizing our infrastructure, we’re keeping our foot on the accelerator. 🚘

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we asked ai to describe the perfect street — and yes, there are bike lanes.

vintage archie miller basketball today

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Well, @Gannett@twitter.com got me this time!

I’m not sure what’s next for me, but if anyone has leads on journalism jobs in dataviz, design, audience, or audio, feel free to DM. twitter.com/melissafronczek/st

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we've had these tracks on repeat 🔁

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us at thanksgiving dinner explaining that widening roads doesn't actually reduce congestion but instead makes things worse

redo of the eras tour ticket sale 🙏

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Taylor Swift has unpinned ‘Midnights’ post from her Instagram page, leading to speculations that something is coming. 🔍

members of my local @Local2110UAW@twitter.com need our support — see the thread below or go to linktr.ee/hcpunion to donate

@hcpunion@twitter.com deserves a fair contract!

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We're so grateful to all those who've voiced and shown their support.
How can you support the Harper Union? - a 🧵 1/7

@shawngarcia yes! forgot to check my notifications on here

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We began World Day of Remembrance by reading the names of the 221 people killed in traffic violence so far this year.

Each name was a life — a friend, a sibling, a parent, a loved one, a spouse — taken from us too soon.

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More than 13,000 people are killed or injured on US roads every day.

A new Times Square billboard for World Day of Remembrance will honor them.

See the billboard now through Sunday at 45th and Broadway.

Thank you to @paramountco@twitter.com for their partnership in honoring Carling Mott.

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Time to look for the next step — DMs are open and thanks to my wonderful Protocol team, I have experience in both social and writing

watching everyone get their pre-sale codes while having zero (0) emails :/

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BIG NEWS: I am running for Indianapolis City-County Council! After spending my life as an activist, I am ecstatic to use all my energy and experience to be one of the first Gen-Z candidates elected nationwide. I appreciate any RTs and donations here ⬇️


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🗳Voting Q&A—
📣If you mess up your ballot, they can void & reissue; no need to vote affidavit!
📣If you got an absentee ballot you canNOT vote in-person; drop off absentee ballots at any pollsite
📣Wrong location? You’re supposed to be redirected! Affidavits often arent counted.

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