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Lutefisk hotline: ya hey, what's the deal now?
Sven: Ya, we ran out of lutefisk
Lutefisk hotline: oh jeez
Sven: oh jeez

What if literally every place with a PA system decided to not play Christmas music for once

Tonight at midnight, 1100 employees of @nytimes are going on a 24-hour strike.
Their union is asking readers to not engage in any New York Times platforms tomorrow and to stand with them.
“Read local news. Listen to public radio. Break your Wordle streak.”

New seasons has the most bizarre self checkout system ever. Wtf is "suppress printing of receipt?"

Company had a survey on the dei process so thankfully I had an email draft saved about the lgbtq unit because dang did I have thoughts

Whenever someone's AI generates a computer virus humanity is donezo

Nice to see more people switching the direction on their crossposters to masto->twitter 🥰

i always have mother in law gochujang around so i'm going to try this and will report back on how far my mind was blown

N4MN is showing up in opposition to the Van Buren 2040 amendment Monday @ 4:30.
We will urge the City Council to encourage appropriate density along corridors with frequent transit access and WE NEED YOUR PRESENCE! RSVP here 👉
Please retweet!

Is anyone else horrified by folks saying ChatGPT will replace google?

I mean, for things like brainstorming & generating stable diffusion prompts: awesome!

But these large language models are not guaranteed to return factually correct info, and I’m unsure whether some people don’t realize or don’t care.

Quick, Seattle! Get your photos before it melts. And tag so they have a convenient record of places where they can remove asphalt.

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