i've been putting together a mobile piano accompaniment setup that i can fit into a guitar case and bike with, and it's pretty awesome. i didn't want a full whole keyboard because they usually have: crappy speakers, just a bit too heavy, just a bit too awkward of a size

so, what i've landed on is: 49 key midi controller, Zynthian (zynthian.org) with Pianoteq, and a portable Yamaha speaker-- all less than 20 pounds

anyway it's modular enough that i'll swap out pieces rather than being stuck to one whole device, and that's great. Pianoteq modelling sounds so good that when I plug it in to my fully weighted keyboard, it feels like an actual real piano

zynthian is fabulous and fully open source, based on readily available parts (unless you want one of their custom enclosures). I got a used one on reverb, which I might try to upgrade to raspberry pi 4. technology, bruh!!


Adjusting 5 billion settings so the piano sounds amazing on a tiny amp, and now this is one of my horcruxes. I fucking love open source hardware

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i also have a plain raspberri pi 4 + HiFiBerry DAC thing with a case that i've been messing with because arm64 and more memory, and it is turning out nicelyyyyy. added a fan to the case and overclocked the processor. tbh i just LOVE having something that sounds almost exactly like a real grand piano, have had to take off my headphones to check that my amp is not on accidentally because it ~feels~ real

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