So if I wanted to run for something, I just fill out a form 501 and turn it in?

Y'all. I was thinking I'd go do work with the historical society of like collecting local gay histories or something and build my civic resume. But the picks for school board, city council, and one or both transit things are pretty thin. So maybe I should run for something? Ugh.

Let's just say that my spouse is not impressed with the preservation folks.

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And I had my family listening in on Planning Board tonight. My half-Dutch kid is confused as to why Americans keep talking about the Netherlands.

Y'all! I made it to the interview with the mayor for a transportation commission slot!

Is it inappropriate to plant california rose where it will lift pavers?

I now get to try and convince my neighbor that all those roses she planted are killing her heirloom Hurd manzanita tree. (Their water at least)
I can't tell if she hates it or not.

I posted a survey, and holy shit is it nice to see that people aren't assholes.

I really want to know what happens if a city bumps its RHNA really high, and the housing gets built. Do they have to go even higher the next cycle? Or do they get to chill?

Transportation is the only one with no incumbents, so I geared it towards that.

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Context: I put in an application for various commissions. There are some 11 commissions with 24 vacancies in total. I applied for 3 or 4 of them. My qualifications are pretty slim, but I guess you never know. At least some of the staff apparently knows me by now. 🀣 We'll see if I get to the interview stage.

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And someone even paired my comment with my twitter handle.
Maybe I've made it to the crank list!

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Did public speaker comment again. The Twitter summaries aren't too far off. Interesting to see what parts stuck in people's minds. The historic district parking lots, apparently.

On the court draft, I'm surprised that people are shocked at the decision. It was just a matter of time. Kind of the expected result of court-packing. It'll be fascinating to see if the leak (historical in itself!) is timely enough to change anything.

i feel like i should understand what federated is vs local and how my feed picks what to show me. otoh i'm not getting sports crap, so that's a win

If y'all are going to pay attention to this shit, I'll bother to look up the plants. :D :D

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