explaining US culture to the aliens: and this is the holiday where we commemorate doing a genocide. lots of people celebrate by watching millionaires get concussions on live tv. the food whips, though.

hey new followers! i know some of y’all from twitter, but for the rest of y’all - tell me stuff about you that’s not just a hashtag stuffing intro post

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The week before Thanksgiving Twitter fires 4K workers, Amazon fires 10K workers, Facebook fires 11K workers, and Disney plans thousands of layoffs—all while US Billionaire pandemic wealth increased an absurd $1.7T.😳

A reminder that billionaires don’t create jobs—they exploit workers.

Tax billionaires. Unionize workers.

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Day 1 of Week 2 of the largest strike in the history of American higher education

took the spacehorse to work today because i thought i might have to carry some packages. riding a geared bike after riding fixed for the past month+ is extremely weird

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I can't help but notice many toots from helpful newbies encouraging you to support the Mastodon Patreon.

It's fine to do that but understand it goes to just two big instances and the official Mastodon dev team.

It does NOT trickle down to YOUR instance. If you want to support your server, donate to it directly. Nearly all the costs of the explosive growth of the past few weeks is borne by local instances.

Mastodon is decentralized. There is no Mastodon Inc. This is not Twitter.

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“ The Photo Studio That Immortalized Argentina’s Popular Culture
During an era of political upheaval, a portrait session at Foto Estudio Luisita, run by sisters Luisa and Chela Escarria, was a rite of passage for actors, dancers, pioneering trans performers—and the occasional adorned dog”
#BlackTwitter #BlackMastodon #AfroColombiana #Photography #PhototographyHistory


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if there is anything you simply do not want to see, like, for example, tweets about people you never ever want to hear about again, or if you don't want to get spoilered on that TV show you like but you haven't had time to catch up, or anything like that, here's a guide on how to filter your content so you simply will not see it!


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When #ElizabethHolmes was sentenced this week, millions of Americans learned that moms go to #prison in the US. Years ago, my little sister gave birth while incarcerated and because they kept transferring her, I couldn't find/reach her before she was forced to adopt her baby out to a wealthy white couple in Bellevue. America is an irrevocably cruel place built on exploitation. Welcome 🥴

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Local TDOR event canceled because yet another bomb threat against Boston Children's in combination with the Colorado shooting. I'm absolutely furious that we aren't even allow to grieve together safely.

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@stevie You definitely don’t need to move instances to find people. I think *probably* what those people mean is checking out the local timeline of an instance you’re interested in? That’s a good way to turn up interesting people, although a lot of instances turn it off. You can check /public/local from the web (you can get there in many apps, but it’s awkward).

As mentioned by someone else, you can view followers on other instances via web profiles.

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We're getting captions and audio descriptions ready but for #FilmMastodon

a love project between myself and sexworker historian and archivist Rebelle Cunt.


#documentary #sexwork #blackmastodon

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This is just to say 

I have taken
the poem
that delighted us
on twitter

and revised—
as you probably
for mastodon

Forgive me
the birdsite was delicious
but is now broken
and so cold


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#introduction Architectural #photographer based in #shanghai - #fixedgear #cyclist and #alleycat organizer - #skateboarding when I can - #clubbell and #kettlebell to keep me skating longer - keeper of rescue #cats - future #agroforestry farmer - occasional speaker on #philosophy or #photography.

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Cars and the space they occupy in motion and at rest are antethetical to vibrant communities. In North America, we have spend 80 years exploiting our surplus of land to develop in a profoundly anti-human way. The only way forward from here is through increased density and human-scale development. #urbanism #cityplanning #bancars #openstreets

(2/2) I get that this place is different from twitter but I can’t help but be my normal goofy self so follow me if you’re into weird shit and bad movie takes and pictures of and steezy bike outfits.

I’m a and so i’m less interested in content and more interested in your fucked up vintage roadie conversion or big tire bike or rivendell rip-off or setup. Currently learning to weld so i can build .

I guess that’s good for now.

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Now that I know more about how mastodon works I’m going to do a real post.

I’m stevie. I’m a living in . I hope to find and learn from other and folks interested in and adjacent spaces.

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Collectively managed by radical queers, who believe that cities are for us too. #VisionQueero #GayTowns #acab 🏳️‍🌈🚒🌆🌼🔰🐈♿️🍆🍭🗼⛺️🚡🌳🦋🕺🏽🌈♋