Sonic Frontiers fans has been robbed but

FORZA CALAMARI ✌️🎉🐙✨#Splatoon3

Learned yesterday a friend makes carbon fibre violins and they’re bi 😍🤤


The idea that defederation is *never* used as a punishment just doesn't hold up to scrutiny. There have absolutely been cases where personal grudges or ideological commitment have been involved.

What is true is that the server admins most likely to whinge about defederation are the ones with servers that probably should be.

so many people said it is impossible to be the main character on masto and yet here they are, calling raspi the main character of masto. hm

Die Kinder der Dunant-Grundschule in Stegliz-Zehlendorf haben klare Forderungen:
Die Ampel zeigt für sie nur 11 Sekunden lang grün und das ist zu kurz!

halo infinite custom games scene looking pretty dope ngl

might stream some this weekend, if not Minecraft.

goblin all doing his taxes and cycling the laundry and muttering "human mode" under his breath

Willkommen in unserer Bahnhofsbäckerei! Wir haben:

- den härtesten Milchschaum der Welt
- jede erdenkliche Kombination aus Mayo und Ei
- die nassesten Tomaten auf Sandwiches
- gib uns 12€ JETZT
- zähe Brezen? kein Plan wie wir das machen

Our roads don’t just enable dangerous driving - they actively reward it. Speeding and red-light running save time, allow you to assert dominance over others, and experience the thrill of rule breaking. People love all three of these things. And when there are absolutely no consequences, or even mild disapproval for these actions, people will do it every chance they get.

i completely neglected the face reveal i promised at 600 follows, I'm quickly approaching 1k now because I reposted a joke i found on Reddit. this has gotten out of hand, i need to be posting more gay shit

goblin mode is too wholesome, too charitable a description of my posting. need something darker, grittier. hog mode? will continue to workshop this

like, what white bread southwest American suburb are all these people from?? only explanation

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average r/Germany poster is like "when i returned my bottles someone awkwardly stared at me, are Germans human?? i was once scolded in public by an elder, something that never happens anywhere else outside of Germany, is this normal?? my friend fell for an obvious scam, do Germans fall for scams too???"

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